The photos we display of our custom homes are an invaluable resource.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  So many details of our new construction can be found in any one of these photos and are very helpful when looking to build your own custom home.  We refer back to these photos many times during construction to assist clients in what we can and have done and use them as a tool to create new, innovative ideas moving forward. This innovative nature is part of the reason we are the best home builder Pittsburgh PA has to offer and we guarantee clients will notice after working with us.

Each time a new home is built, there will be something about it that is different than any other and we like to document this with photos.  There are so many small details in every home that it is fun and interesting to change things up and be creative with each new build.  So many materials to choose from, styles of siding can be changed up to infinity, combinations of stone and siding are endless.  Even changing the shade of trim stone and grout colors can make a big difference on a house.  We like to be creative with colors and styles and love to document our creativity in photos.

A lot of times, clients cannot visualize what something is to look like and showing them a photo is invaluable in getting the info across to them.  From there the idea can be expanded and changed and customized but without the initial photo would be impossible to do. This process allows us to be the best home builder Pittsburgh PA has to offer, but it also allows us to be the best home builder Murrysville PA has to offer.

Our work has won many awards over the years, and how we enter our houses for those awards are with photos.  With 13 custom home building awards, photos have done their job for showcasing our excellent workmanship. 

We like to document each kitchen, showing the cabinet layouts, finishes, countertops, accent hardware, plumbing, lighting, all showcasing our attention to detail in this area.  Fireplace surrounds are great to have photos of for the many ways stone, ceramic tile and other building materials can be creatively used in this homey space.  The fireplace can be the center of the home and we like to accent this area and make it really stand out.  Master bathrooms photograph very well and provide a client with a sense for a great, relaxing space that is their own.  So many great, innovative products on the market today to create spa like bathrooms with wonderful, relaxing amenities that make the time spent there amazing.  A variety of finishes available today make it very easy for a client to select just what they are looking for, whether it be traditional shiny chrome or the latest and greatest brushed gold and matte black.  A mix of metals is also very popular and easy to appreciate in a photo.

We like to photograph many, many details in a home as it is quite the resource when meeting with clients.  We like to have a fun experience with our selection meetings, designing with flow and function and a couple of laughs to give our clients a great immersive experience in their building process.  Photos really assist with this, helping people realize we are the most preferred home builder Pittsburgh PA has to offer.

It’s interesting how light affects color and in our photos we are able to show finishes in both cloudy and sunshine weather.

Great photos are used throughout our marketing and advertising campaigns and changed up often to keep things fresh and exciting.  We are constantly evolving our materials to the most up to date styles and finishes to keep our clients on top of trends.

Many popular styles of today are showcased in our gallery of photos.  Modern versions of traditional, craftsman, prairie, and farmhouse styles are all exploding and we love having documentation of all of these styles and our creative take on them. 

While we provide the gallery for the window shoppers, the best way to see what amazing options we have is to schedule an in person consultation. So the gallery gives people a snapshot of what they can expect. From there clients can rest easy knowing they will get all the information necessary to make an informed decision about the home of their dreams. 

We will continue to diligently update the gallery section with our beautiful homes. We want to provide as much up to date information as possible for clients. We have a mission to help people get into the home of their dreams as quickly as possible. So we encourage you to take a look at some of the homes we have built by checking out the gallery page, from there get scheduled for your no risk, obligation free consultation to learn more. Every house we build is a combination of being uniquely inspired by the homebuyer and input from our in-house team of seasoned experts. We guarantee you will be impressed by this consultation. During this time we will not pressure you into buying a home you do not want, rather our goal will be to inform you about the homes we can offer and the entire process itself. Utilize the gallery to be inspired, then rely on our team to help you execute the vision you have. 

The reason we are the best home builder Pittsburgh PA has to offer is because of the quality of our homes, but we also have the home building process down to a perfection. So in addition to having our clients be pleased with the home they buy, we want them to be happy with the entire home building process, this is something the gallery can not capture, but something we guarantee our clients will experience every time.

If you want  to experience the best home builder Pittsburgh PA has to offer, then give us a call and make it happen. Not only will you quickly see we are the best home builder Pittsburgh PA has to offer, you will also realize we are the best home builder Murrysville PA has to offer.

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