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First of all, we would like to thank you for considering R. A. Snoznik Construction, Inc. to build your new home; we appreciate your trust and confidence in our abilities to meet your high expectations.  Our past performance has proven our ability to first define and then exceed the needs, wants and desires of all our Homeowners.  The very purpose of our existence as a Custom Homebuilder is to build the dreams of Customers like you.  Along the way, the goals of our Employees, Tradesmen and Vendors are also being served.  It is a team effort where everyone wins.

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You know from your own life that the greater the difference between expectations and reality, the greater the potential disappointment and frustration.  In any relationship, all parties need to have realistic expectations.  Those expectations must be clear to all concerned.  By carefully documenting your requirements, we hope to meet everyone’s goals and avoid miscommunication and potential problems.


The purpose of this narrative is to let you know what you can expect from us during the planning, construction and closing/warranty process.



We pride ourselves on providing tremendous professional service to you even before we reach a Building Contract.  We will sign a Professional Services Agreement and you will be given our one-of-a-kind Homeowner Manual that will guide you thru the entire process of designing your home (or reviewing your existing plans with a critical ‘builders’ eye); reviewing your property; and creating detailed specifications (the ‘written details’ that compliment your plans).  The Homeowner Manual is a great tool to keep you organized and to help you with the decision making process of selecting materials for your home.  The goal of this Pre-Construction process is to clearly define the full scope of your project.  Only then can we accurately create a budget to build your dream home.


Construction Drawings (QUANTITY) X Custom Home Specifications (QUALITY) = Line Item Construction Budget (COST)


The accurate and timely information that you provide us with the help of your Homeowner Manual will be critical to creating a realistic budget and helping us understand and exceed your expectations for your new Home.



Once plans are completed, we require approximately two weeks two finalize our business agreement.  The Contract will be made up of several documents:

– Building Contract

– Signed Copy of your Custom Home Specifications

– Signed Copy of your Completed Plans



1. Lot Evaluation

We begin by assessing your lot to understand its potential and limitations. This includes a thorough review of the terrain, soil, accessibility, and any other environmental factors that will influence the design and construction of your home.

2. Design Phase

Our residential home design experts collaborate with you to create a home that reflects your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, all while ensuring functionality and compliance with building codes.

3. Accurate Pricing

With our in-depth knowledge of homebuilding finance, we provide accurate pricing models that give you a clear understanding of costs. Our financial transparency ensures that you can make informed decisions without the worry of unexpected expenses.

4. Construction

Leveraging our extensive experience in homebuilding, we use quality materials and proven techniques to build your home. Regular updates and milestone walkthroughs keep you engaged and informed throughout the construction process.

5. Finishing Touches

Our commitment to excellence extends to the final stages of construction. We conduct a meticulous inspection of every feature, ensuring that your home is not just built to code, but to our high standards.

6. Move-In and Support

Once your home is complete, we facilitate a smooth transition with a comprehensive orientation to your new residence. Even after move-in, our customer service team remains available to support you as you settle in.



By choosing our On-Your-Lot custom building services, you’re not just building a house, you’re crafting a legacy. With our expertise in design, pricing, finance, and deal-making, we ensure a homebuilding experience that is as rewarding as the end result.

Embrace the freedom of creating a home that is truly yours, on the land that you love. Connect with us today to begin the journey towards your dream home.


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