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5 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Westmoreland custom homesAs we enter the spring real estate season, you might be looking to sell an existing home as your new custom home project gets underway or nears completion. Here are 5 tips for getting it sold quickly.

1. The Right Price

One of the most effective ways to sell quickly is to determine an accurate value for your home, and then list it for slightly less — maybe 15% under. If your house is in good shape and in a desirable location, buyer bidding will bring the price up. It might seem risky, but it can really pay off.

2. Declutter

This is an obvious one, but not everyone thinks to remove family photos from book shelves or take clothes out of closets to make them appear more spacious. As part of an overall staging of your existing home, you want to keep spaces clear and arrange your furniture in a way that prospective buyers can envision themselves in the home. For the kitchen — which is one of the biggest selling points — pack away extra countertop appliances that you might still use regularly when your house is being shown.

3. Curb Appeal

Buyers’ first impressions have to be good, or it will color the rest of their tour of your house. Spruce up your front landscaping and add some shrubs or potted flowers or plants, and repaint or replace your front door if necessary. As soon as buyers walk into the entryway, create a welcoming atmosphere with fresh flowers and a new coat of paint, and don’t forget the power of scent. It shouldn’t be overpowering, but a seasonal scented candle or the smell of baked goods or coffee can make buyers feel at home.

4. Add Light

If your house has room darkening curtains and blinds, buyers might think you have something to hide. Buyers love natural light. So take down heavy window treatments and make sure your windows are clean. If there’s an outdoor view you’d rather not draw attention to, install light filtering shades. Consider adding some extra lamps to your rooms and using brighter bulbs, especially for evening house showings.

5. Don’t Overdo the Updates

Unless your existing kitchen is completely outdated or not completely functional, you might not want to invest in a new gourmet kitchen to sell your house. Start small, with fresh paint, new countertops, more modern cabinet hardware, and maybe one new appliance, and see how buyers respond. If your home is in a great location and listed at a good price, homebuyers may not mind the idea of renovating the kitchen to their liking.

Work with your realtor or home builder to see if there are other ways to get your existing home sold. Custom home projects move quickly, and the goal is to have an easy transition to your new house.