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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Westmoreland custom homesOne of the best ways to protect your investment in a new custom home is to get in the habit of running through a maintenance checklist. Now that spring has arrived, here are some of the main things you should look over to keep your house and property in top shape.

The HVAC System

Some years, it seems like there is no gap between shivering by the fire and then sweating outdoors in the heat. Before you make a quick switch in your home from heating to central air conditioning, schedule a professional service visit to make sure the AC unit is clean and functioning properly. If you happen to have a wood burning fireplace, spring is also a good time to remove ashes, clean the hearth, and arrange for a chimney sweep to inspect and clean the chimney.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Concrete and asphalt can take a beating from salt and other chemical ice melters as well as from the freeze-thaw cycle. Inspect all of your walkways and the driveway for any cracks or damage that could become worse or that have created a tripping hazard.

Gutters and Downspouts

It doesn’t matter how new your gutters and downspouts are, they can get clogged with leaves and other debris. Getting the gutters cleaned early in spring can help prevent damage during the rainy season, when excess water can collect near the roofline and eaves. Gutter cleaning is a job for homeowners who are comfortable on a ladder, and it requires gloves and eye protection. So don’t hesititate to leave this job to a professional.

Decks and Fences

Any outdoor wood surfaces will wear better and last longer if you give them a coat of sealant at least every other year. Check your deck, fencing and wood trim for any splintering or other damage each spring. You might need to make repairs before re-staining or reapplying a waterproof sealant

Sprinkler Systems

If your yard has an in-ground sprinkler system, your spring checklist should include checking the sprinkler heads for damage and testing the system to see if there are any clogs or leaks. It’s good to have irrigation in place and working well by the time the growing season is in full swing.

Getting in the habit of inspecting your home each spring can help you catch small issues before they become bigger problems.