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The Process of Custom Home Building

The process of building a custom homeThe process of building a custom home will be even more enjoyable for you as a homeowner if you learn more about the home building process. What feels like a large undertaking can flow much more easily with more information. Remember, this is exciting! This is the creation of your very own custom home! The entire project is driven by you and your own unique ideas.

Do Your Research

It is important to learn as much as possible about your project. Unfortunately, many people believe that you can easily design and build the home of their dreams without first taking time to learn what is involved. More often than not, this leads to frustration when things don’t go smoothly. Research can be fun! Using websites, magazines, books, and friends and family as a resource, soak up and compile information about your project.


First you need to purchase the perfect building lot. A good tip is to ask your custom home builder if they have any lots available for sale already. If not, there are several things to consider before purchasing you lot. For example, you need to understand how you will be using the land. If you would like a garage or pool, or even a large yard, these things need to be determined so that you can determine what you need and want for your new home and what your priorities are.

From here you can meet with an architect for professional and design guidance. After settling on a design, identify all the materials and finishes you will want to along with it. Put everything in writing and in as much detail as possible. Other professionals who may need to be involved are a developer, builders, design consultants, a construction manager, contractors, and an inspector.

Custom home builders in your area may be able to serve as one point of contact for the professionals listed above. They also may help you find financing and take care of the permits, licenses and zoning variances required.

Site Work

This is an interesting part of the home building process. Clearing the way for your new home. Digging the earth to lay your foundation. It is the first physical step and an important milestone worth celebrating! When laying your foundation, don’t cut corners to save money. This is the structure your house will be built on. Your house will only be as good as your foundation.


This is one of the most exciting stages because you can now see your vision becoming a reality. After the framing crew completes the first floor deck, you can take a walk around your new house. After framing, your house structure will begin to take shape.

Rough Ins

These includes installation of inner workings of your house such as:

security systems
central vacuum lines
television cable
entertainment systems etc.

They may not be as visually dramatic as you expect, but it is important that each of the above tasks are properly coordinated.

Next are Interior finishes.

After a proper rough in job, it is time to finish the walls, install doors, hang cabinets, install ceramic tiles and do more interior work. This is the stage to fix everything inside your house to the standard of your unique desires.

Exterior finishes

Exterior finishes need to be designed and installed to protect the main structure as much as possible. Whether you choose a combination of brick, stone, stucco, vinyl, aluminum or concrete wood, consider the cost and the weather conditions in your area along with the look and style you are going for.


Landscaping allows you to blend your house with your environment. It helps your new house feel like home. Landscaping can be regularly overlooked but it is very important. It ties together your structure to its surrounding nature and makes a huge aesthetic difference.


Customizing your home is the finishing touch, adding details for comfort and convenience takes time. However, when everything is done, it is time to enjoy your new home.

The home building process is dependent on your attitude towards every aspect of the process and can be incredibly rewarding. Dream. Learn. Communicate. Stay positive. And make your dream custom home a reality!