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Your Moving Day Checklist

Westmoreland custom homesYou’re almost there — ready to start living in your completed custom home. Before you can start decorating and setting up that gourmet kitchen, you have to get through moving day. Everything will go a little easier with a list (or lists). Here are a few tips that can save you some aggravation as well as repeated trips to the store in the middle of moving.

Pack Essentials Separately

Think in terms of packing for a beach house vacation. Pack a clearly marked box for specific rooms that holds only the items you need for your family’s first night in your new home. That could include bedding, basic tools, and cleaning and paper products. If you have school age children, they can be in charge of packing their own overnight bags with toiletries, pajamas, a change of clothes, and their favorite toy.

Meal Planning

Takeout pizza or Chinese food is a traditional moving day meal, but don’t forget to pack some paper products, cutlery, bottled drinks and snack foods for quick access so you don’t have to dig through all of the kitchen boxes. If you’d rather start your new life in your new house with a home-cooked meal, make and freeze a favorite dish before you move as a way to clear out your existing freezer. Pop something in the oven while you are unpacking and enjoy the comforting aromas of home. Do you rely on coffee to start your mornings? Make sure to keep the coffee maker, coffee maker, filters, and other supplies clearly marked when packing so that you are ready to go on the first morning in your new space. And don’t forget food and treats for any family pets.

Evening Entertainment

You might want to take a break from moving and unpacking later in the evening on your first day. You should have set up your internet service and other utilities at your new home prior to moving day, but you’ll still have to connect any televisions and related devices. If technology does not come naturally to you or another family member, take a photo of your electronics’ wiring before you unplug everything for the move. It might help you to get things set up quickly for viewing. You can also plan for some low-key entertainment with the kids on moving day and surprise them with some new art supplies, books, or games that will keep them occupied.

Must-Have Items

A short list of things that you will want to have within easy reach on moving day includes scissors, pens or markers and paper, some basic first aid supplies, garbage bags, and information or cards for your bank, health insurance, and from the closing on your new home. And don’t forget to have some cash on hand to tip your movers for all of their heavy lifting.

Your builder will be an important resource in the early weeks after your move, in case you have any questions about your home’s appliances, HVAC or other systems. With planning, your moving day will go smoothly and you’ll be able to start enjoying your new home right away!