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4 Home Decor Trends for Autumn & Winter


Trend 1: Decorating with warm colors

Nothing says Fall and winter better than warm colors. These colors are brown, orange, yellow, red, and cream. Using these colors around your home will give you that nice warm, sipping tea under a blanket next to a fire, fall feeling. Adding a red-accented lamp, a comfortable dark orange reclining chair, or even a nice fall flower arrangement in a cream-colored vase. All of these ideas will have you feeling cozy this fall.

Trend 2: World Traveler

Are you someone who enjoys nomadic trends? Then this is the perfect idea for you. In this trend we see a lot of spiced red colors and textile decorations. But the key to making this trend work for your home is attention to detail. Adding throw pillows with tassels or pompoms is a key factor in the “cultural” aspect of this trend. Add some hand thrown pottery, ceramic prints, and decorative paisleys. With the combined new accessories and the rich fall colors your space will be inviting, relaxing and a good topic of conversation.

Trend 3: Over sized Florals

This trend is very interchangeable with seasons. To pull of this idea, try adding a large flower print accent to your more open area’s wall. This addition is beautiful for all seasons and keeps your home looking trendy. Add some floral patterned pillows and wall decorations. The main thing to keep in mind with this idea is to set your color theme. Make sure your colors go well together and you can change them around for any season. Fall flowers are bright yellow sunflowers, winter is a time for Roses, and Spring brings beautiful fresh Tulips. Keep a flower arrangement on your table and change the vase based on season. Your home will always be ready for what’s coming next.

Trend 4: Copper

Copper is a very decorative style choice and can be used to transform your home this fall and winter. You can add copper light fixtures, metal wall decorations, kitchen cooking items, and you can even add copper coloring to your walls! This trend has so many options the possibilities are endless. Not only will your space look trendy but it will also look luxurious. The copper adds a much needed brightness to the dark of fall and winter, this could be exactly the trend your home needs.