Tips For Your Custom Home Gym

Westmoreland custom homesHere we are again, January, when many of us make new commitments to get healthy. Some of the biggest obstacles to working out on a regular basis are time and motivation. Working gym or yoga time into your daily schedule can be tough, especially on dark winter mornings and evenings. That’s why so many people carve out space in their home for a treadmill, weight bench or other exercise equipment.

When you design a new custom home, it’s easy to plan for a home fitness area. Not only can you add a room or configure your lower level to include a home gym, you can figure out the type of windows, flooring, HVAC and technological features that will make your workout space a place that the whole family wants to spend time in.

Here are some ideas to incorporate into your home fitness area:

Build it “Smart”

Making sure that your home gym has a strong wifi signal and good screen placement can set the stage for any number of virtual workouts. This isn’t just watching a video and following along. A growing number of companies offer apps and equipment that let you experience the music and interaction of a live spin class, rowing, or yoga workout with a certified instructor. If nothing else, setting up your gym with technology in mind can make it easier to catch your favorite shows while you are on the stair stepper.

Natural Light

We’ve all heard how important Vitamin D can be to our health and mood. If you are including space for a gym in a new home, consider a location with lots of natural light. If you can’t be outdoors in bad weather, practicing yoga or a ballet barre workout with a window view or skylights can be a lot more appealing that in lower level space with artificial light.

Choose the Right Flooring

Any fitness area flooring should be durable, comfotable, and easy to clean. And depending on your preferred activity, your materials might need special strength considerations. If you will be using an upstairs space that does double duty as a guest room, you can rely on a thick mat or interlocking foam that can be removed when needed. If you like free weights or have large equipment racks, your upper level gym floors might need some reinforcement. Don’t forget to consider ceiling height and design, as well, if you would like to suspend a punching bag, resistance bands, or straps to try out the aerial workout trend.

Special Features

If you want the entire family to join in a fitness routine, include space for a ping pong or other game table so the kids can participate while you are on the rowing maching or cycle. Swimming fans can consider adding a stationary swimming pool to a basement or main level addition of their custom home. A little larger than a hot tub, these pools generate a current that allows you to swim in place. Hot tubs, saunas, and other spa-like features can also make your home workouts not only convenient, but a little more enticing.

When you design a build a new home, you have plenty of flexibility to consider your workout goals and include personalized spaces that will keep you motivated — and fit. Contact us with your ideas!