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Custom Home Design With Pets in Mind

Pittsburgh custom home builderPets are full-fledged family members these days. Whether you are a dog or cat (or rabbit or bird or other pet) owner, it’s a great idea to think about design features that will make both you and your animal friends more comfortable in a new home.

Outdoor Space

Finding a lot with a good sized yard that can be fenced in will make any dog’s day and let them get exercise in a safe environment. If you work a pet door into your home design (and train your dog to use it), you can make your life a lot easier during rainy or cold weather. Choosing a new home neighborhood means that you have the opportunity to look for a community with dog parks or dog daycare providers nearby.

Mudrooms and Storage

Building a mudroom and/or storage into your home design can help you to keep all of your pet supplies handy and out of sighy, as well as give you a convenient spot to hang leashes and clean up your dog’s paws post-walk. Adding a mutli-purpose utility and pet wash/grooming station to a first floor laundry area can make pet bathing a lot easier on your back.


Dogs and cats alike are drawn to den-like spaces, so why not include a few built-in sleeping areas in your home design? Incorporating a space for a dog bed or hidden cat hangout underneath a set of stairs or a built-in bookcase will give your pet a place of their own that is not underfoot and more attractive than a crate.

Custom Cat Areas

If you are a cat owner, you can really get creative with places to locate your pet’s litter box that keep them out of sight but make them easy to clean. Custom door panels and tunnels to the basement or in a laundry room or special closet area can be built to provide for ventilation and quick human access.

We love pets, and we love working with clients to build a home that has everything they need. Contact us to talk about your ideas for a new home, and about any features you might like to have for your furry (or feathered) family members!