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New Home Financing: Construction Loan 101

Building a new home requires lots of research and decisions about location, design, and financing. Staying on budget is important, and your builder should be taking steps to communicate all costs and keep your new home project on budget and on time so there are no surprises on closing day.

Tips For Your Custom Home Gym

Here we are again, January, when many of us make new commitments to get healthy. Some of the biggest obstacles to working out on a regular basis are time and motivation. Working gym or yoga time into your daily schedule can be tough, especially on dark winter mornings and evenings. That’s why so many people …

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Winter Fireplace Safety Tips

Cozying up to a crackling fire is one of the most enjoyable things about winter. Whether you have a wood burning, electric, or modern gas fireplace, take precautions to keep your family — and house — safe around the hearth.

Maintain Your Hardwood Floors

There’s nothing like gleaming new hardwood floors. Hardwood can take a lot of abuse, but it’s also susceptible to scratches and damage from pets, furniture, and all of that holiday foot traffic. Experts often recommend that everyone remove their shoes in the house to reduce dirt and allergens indoors. But that’s not always a practical …

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Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Home

Darkness comes early these days, and how you light your home can make a big difference in both the mood and function of your interior spaces. You want to be able to create a cozy vibe, but also feel energized in the evening to cook or get work done.