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Craftsman 101: Why This Style Is So Popular

At the end of the Victorian era, a growing middle class meant more and more families were becoming homeowners. Between 1905 and 1930, Craftsman-style architecture became hugely popular for its emphasis on natural light, earthy colors and materials, charming scale and open floor plans. It was, in part, a reaction to the oversized, ornate and very formal Victorian home.

If you are a fan of older Craftsman homes, then you are familiar with their signature details — lower ceilings with exposed rafters inside; decorative brackets outside under wide, overhanging eaves; and large front porches supported by strong, square, tapered columns.

With today’s fast-paced and often stressful lifestyles, Craftsman design elements add a great deal of comfort and function to new home design. We love the Craftsman aesthetic, in particular its emphasis on showcasing quality handiwork by artists and builders. Many of our custom homes refer back to this style, and interpret it in a modern way that gives homeowners the best of both Craftsman charm and contemporary convenience.

Our Craftsman-style homes keep the open concept floor plans and understated sophistication of early designs, as well as built-in cabinetry and shelving and large fireplaces, often made of stone. We also draw in lots of natural light with higher ceilings and large windows that share the multi-paned design prevalent in original Craftsman cottages and larger homes of that period.

Choosing Craftsman elements in your custom home also gives us the chance to really highlight our artisan quality woodwork, both inside and out. Our Craftsman style exteriors typically feature a complementary combination of wood and stone, and our large porches hearken back to a simpler time when the home, and its connected outside areas, were really the focal point for the family and not just a place to eat and sleep.

Check out our gallery pages and this video to see how we can incorporate Craftsman-style elements into your new custom home, and make a true haven for you and you family.