Choosing Paint Colors for an Open Concept Layout

Westmoreland custom home builderDespite all of the interior design “rules” floating around, you could argue that the one golden rule of choosing paint colors for the interior of your new custom home is to pick colors that you love. If being surrounded by amethyst or a zesty shade of tangerine makes your heart swoon each day, then go for it! You just might be sharing your home with other people, however, who don’t feel the same way about orange walls. And if your new home has an open concept floor plan, there are a few tips for picking paint colors that should make everyone at home.

1. Keep it Light

Open concept spaces remain popular for lots of reasons, and one of them is the design’s open and airy feeling. Painting the walls a dark shade of any color will only detract from the spaciousness. That doesn’t mean you have to stick with white or beige, just lighter tones of your favorite color family. Save the more striking colors for the fireplace wall or a short accent wall filled with shelving or artwork.

2. Test Paint Colors in Multiple Spots

The same gray-blue that looks perfect in the kitchen area might appear muddy and gloomy across the room where the windows reflect hedges and trees outside. Experiment with a lighter (or darker) shade of the same blue in corners of your open concept space, and see how the samples look at different times of day and in various light.

3. Think Monochromatic

Along the same lines, approach your whole open concept paint scheme in a monochromatic way. If you absolutely love the way buttery yellow walls warm up a living area, take that color and incorporate a very faint tint of the color mixed with white on the ceiling, a light shade on the walls, and a darker shade or tone of the yellow mixed with some gray, black, or another dark color for shelving, the kitchen island, or an accent wall. Keeping similar shades and tones in your furniture, rugs and accessories provides a room with visual depth. This approach also works with a neutral palette. Not all whites or beige tones are created equal.

4. Find Inspiration

If you think you want some color in your new home but can’t make a decision or are afraid of commitment, start with a favorite painting or piece of furniture to see what colors make you happy. If those colors seem overwhelming for the walls, find a neutral color paint that works well with your favorite piece of art or fabric, and bring in more of those colorful accents with pillows, curtains and other accents.

Making your new home unique is part of the fun of designing and building from the ground up. Picking the perfect paint color is just icing on the cake. And if it ends up not being to everyone’s taste, it’s easy to start fresh and try something new.