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The Process of Custom Home Building

Process of building a custom home in westmoreland countyThe process of building a custom home will be even more enjoyable for you as a home owner if you learn more about the home building process. What feels like a large undertaking can flow much more easily with more information. Remember, this is exciting! This is the creation of your very own custom home! The entire project is driven by you and your own unique ideas. Continue reading

Building a Home in the Winter Months

Westmoreland custom home builderWinters in Westmoreland County and Pittsburgh area have been a mixed bag in recent years, everything from brutal cold and ice to the occasional day of T-shirt weather. Even in a typical, snowy winter, you might be surprised to know that construction crews are still out there building houses. Stored lumber is in good shape as long as any snow is brushed off before melting. It requires some extra preparation and planning, but you can work a winter home build to your advantage.

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Why Westmoreland County is a Great Place to Live

westmoreland county custom home builderIf you have decided to build a custom home in the Pittsburgh area, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing where you want to live. Proximity to family and work are two of the most important things that people consider when deciding on a neighborhood.
But for anyone relocating to Western Pennsylvania for a job or other opportunity in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area, Westmoreland County has much to offer. From communities such as Murrysville and Penn Township, you can commute to downtown Pittsburgh in under an hour, and still enjoy the lower property taxes and gorgeous scenery that Westmoreland County offers.

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Craftsman 101: Why This Style Is So Popular

At the end of the Victorian era, a growing middle class meant more and more families were becoming homeowners. Between 1905 and 1930, Craftsman-style architecture became hugely popular for its emphasis on natural light, earthy colors and materials, charming scale and open floor plans. It was, in part, a reaction to the oversized, ornate and very formal Victorian home.

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