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14 Cool Features to Consider When Building a New Home

Custom shelving There’s no better time than as your new home is being built to add in some custom shelving. A well-placed built-in can serve as the focal point for a room, such as bookshelves arranged around an archway, or a multimedia unit in the living room that perfectly fits the space. Custom shelving also has a ton of utility. Think about the rooms where you could really use additional storage, and...

4 Things to Consider When Downsizing Your Home

The kids have grown and have begun lives outside of the house — leaving it empty and a bit too spacious. Sound familiar? As an empty nester, it’s only natural to start thinking about downsizing both your home and possessions. Whether you’re thinking about moving to a small condo in the city or a bungalow on the lake, taking steps to reduce the amount of space your family takes up is just another...

6 Reasons To build Instead Of Buy

When it comes to purchasing a new home, there are so many factors to consider. Size, neighborhood, wants versus needs. Homebuilding is becoming a popular option for many families, not only because of the ability to personalize, but also because purchasing a brand new home means you don’t have to worry about repairs, remodeling, or any of the other issues that come with purchasing an older home. In this...

All About Construction Loans

A construction loan gives a new owner the money they need to build a home. Unlike a standard mortgage, the term on a construction loan only lasts for the amount of time it takes to build the home—usually one year or less. Once the construction is complete, you transition to a mortgage. Compared to finding a mortgage to buy an existing house, applying for a construction loan presents a number of...

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