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Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Westmoreland custom homesIf you know the location where you want to live, it can be frustrating to look at house after house without seeing something that will work for your family. Unless you get the chance to appear on a reality TV show that makes extensive home renovations look like a dream, you might be a little nervous about diving into some costly remodeling or a years-long DIY project.

There are lots of great reasons for building a custom home. Moving into to a brand new space designed just for you is the obvious reason. You can start to enjoy living in your home right away without worrying about knocking down walls or stripping wallpaper. But there are also financial and environmental benefits to building new that you might not have considered. New Home Source has published the following statistics showing how building a new custom home can positively impact resources over the long term.

  • Home insurance, on average, costs 15 percent less for a newly built home compared to an older home.
  • Building a new home with superior insulation and energy efficient windows, appliances and other materials will save both resources and hundred of dollars each year. In a new home, you will be comfortable year-round without taking extra measures for heating and cooling.
  • Newly built homes use 3,449 fewer kilowatt hours, on average, each year.
  • Owners of older homes have spent nearly $1.4 million more, nationwide, than owners of newly built homes on repairs and maintenance in a year’s time.
  • Each day, about 1,000 owners of existing homes spend about $2,000 to replace a hot water heater. That might not seem like a big deal, but it’s an example of how smaller items that need to be replaced or repaired in an existing home can cost you unexpected time and money.

With careful planning and a highly qualified builder, you might be surprised to learn that building a unique custom home is not only affordable, but can cost about the same as purchasing an existing home. Want to learn more about the many benefits of building new? We are always happy to share what we know about the latest energy efficient building materials and techniques. Contact us, and let’s meet to talk!