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6 Reasons To build Instead Of Buy

  • 3 years ago
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When it comes to purchasing a new home, there are so many factors to consider. Size, neighborhood, wants versus needs. Homebuilding is becoming a popular option for many families, not only because of the ability to personalize, but also because purchasing a brand new home means you don’t have to worry about repairs, remodeling, or any of the other issues that come with purchasing an older home. In this article, we’ll outline 6 of the top reasons why building a new home can be beneficial to buying.

Everything Will Be Brand New

As stated above, one of the best things about choosing to build is everything in your house will be brand new! You don’t have to worry about making any upgrades to your new home or worry about hidden costs that may be needed early on (i.e. new roof, new electrical, updated HVAC).

You Can Build To Fit Your Needs

You can choose a floor-plan that fits your needs. If you love having parties or family gatherings, you can opt for a home with lots of space for entertaining. Alternatively, if you’re looking to start or expand your family, you can choose a home with more bedrooms and a separate play area for the kids.

You Get To Choose Your Floor-plan

You have control over the design. Let’s say you find a floor-plan you really like, but there is a room that isn’t quite the size you want, or you’d like to change the placement of the kitchen. The ability to modify a floor-plan is one of the best aspects of building over buying.

You Have Control Over The Final Touches

You have control over the finishes. Imagine being able to have a say in the final touches of your new build! In many cases, you will get to choose paint colors, flooring, type of countertops, etc. Building a new home means you can really make it your own!

You Can Be Energy Efficient

You can benefit from the latest technology. From solar roof shingles, to open-cell foam insulation, to energy-efficient appliances, building a new home provides you with the opportunity to use new technology and building techniques that can save you a ton in-home energy costs!

You Get To Meet New People

Be a part of a new community. Many new home builds are part of the community of new homes. Your neighbors will be moving to a new area, just like you. Being part of a new community means you have the opportunity to build new friendships that may last for a lifetime.

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