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5 Tips To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Westmoreland County custom homeMaking your home more welcoming is fairly easy during the spring and summer months, when containers of annuals and other landscaping can really dress up the exterior. But there are other changes you can make to your home’s entry, driveway, and porch that will boost your mood every time you come home and make it more appealing to buyers, if you are planning to sell.

Take a Number

Try a new, larger house number on for size, one that works with the architectural style of your home. Numbers in a bold font or color that are clearly visible from the street can add polish to your home’s appearance and show that you are proud to live there.

Assess Window Treatments

Walk out to the street and take a good look at your home’s visible window treatments. Keeping the blinds or curtains uniform in each room and avoiding a different color drapery in each window creates overall harmony in a home’s look. If you are selling your home and taking photos for an online listing, open up all of the curtains for a more welcoming appearance.

Don’t Forget the Sides

If you have a side yard that’s visible from the street, pay attention to plantings and walkways and use them to create an attractive “gateway” to the backyard. Larger side yards also present opportunities to design surprise  seating areas for summer entertaining or to chat with the neighbor.

Add a Pop of Color

Turn your front door into a true focal point with a fresh coat of paint in a dramatic color, or add painted shutters to your windows to dress up your home’s exterior. For less of a color commitment, add a few pieces of porch furniture in a bright color that makes your entry stand out from a distance.

Keep up With Maintenance

If you have lived in your home for any length of time, you might have gotten used to that crack in the front sidewalk or driveway or the overgrown hedge. Enlist a fresh set of eyes, either a professional or simply a trusted friend or relative, who can walk around your house and suggest fixes that will maintain or add to your home’s value.

Maintaining your home’s appearance is something that pays off continuously while you are living there, and later on when you decide it’s time to sell. Prospective buyers will decide to tour a home in large part based on the exterior photos, so even a few small improvements to your home’s curb appeal can pay off. Are you selling an existing home as part of a plan to build a new custom home? Feel free to contact us to talk about your options!