4 Home Decor Trends for Autumn & Winter

Autumn Home Decor Trends - Snoznik Custom Homes

Trend 1: Decorating with warm colors

Nothing says Fall and winter better than warm colors. These colors are brown, orange, yellow, red, and cream. Using these colors around your home will give you that nice warm, sipping tea under a blanket next to a fire, fall feeling. Adding a red accented lamp, a comfortable dark orange reclining chair, or even a nice fall flower arrangement in a cream colored vase. All of these ideas will have you feeling cozy this fall.

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The Process of Custom Home Building

Process of building a custom home in westmoreland countyThe process of building a custom home will be even more enjoyable for you as a home owner if you learn more about the home building process. What feels like a large undertaking can flow much more easily with more information. Remember, this is exciting! This is the creation of your very own custom home! The entire project is driven by you and your own unique ideas. Continue reading

Back to School: District Start Dates in Westmoreland County

Westmoreland County custom home builderIf you have children in school, you’ve probably been shopping for new clothes, backpacks, notebooks, and other supplies. It can be a hectic time, and it’s not easy to get kids to transition from vacation mode to a school routine. If you are in the process of designing a custom home, think about adding specific spaces for kids to store school supplies and complete their homework. Creating a functional and comfortable space for homework can help reduce daily clutter and make it easier for children to complete their work.  Continue reading