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How to Display the American Flag at Home

Westmoreland custom homesOn this date in 1937, Pennsylvania became the first state to celebrate Flag Day as a state holiday. National Flag Day was signed into law in 1949, and citizens are encouraged to display Old Glory in front of their homes and businesses.

The website, an online military and veteran membership organization, offers the following rules of etiquette when it comes to properly displaying the American Flag:

  • Don’t let the flag touch the ground.
  • If you don’t plan on taking your flag down at sunset each day, it should be properly illuminated at night.
  • Don’t use the flag for decoration. Use bunting with the blue on top, then white, then red.
  • If you are flying multiple flags on the same staff, the American Flag should be placed above all others.
  • Don’t store the flag where it can get dirty.
  • When the American Flag is displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall or other flat surface, the union (blue field of stars) should be uppermost and to the observer’s left.

There’s nothing like the red, white, and blue to make a statement. Fly the flag with honor today and throughout the year!

Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Westmoreland custom homesIf you know the location where you want to live, it can be frustrating to look at house after house without seeing something that will work for your family. Unless you get the chance to appear on a reality TV show that makes extensive home renovations look like a dream, you might be a little nervous about diving into some costly remodeling or a years-long DIY project.

There are lots of great reasons for building a custom home. Moving into to a brand new space designed just for you is the obvious reason. You can start to enjoy living in your home right away without worrying about knocking down walls or stripping wallpaper. But there are also financial and environmental benefits to building new that you might not have considered. New Home Source has published the following statistics showing how building a new custom home can positively impact resources over the long term.

  • Home insurance, on average, costs 15 percent less for a newly built home compared to an older home.
  • Building a new home with superior insulation and energy efficient windows, appliances and other materials will save both resources and hundred of dollars each year. In a new home, you will be comfortable year-round without taking extra measures for heating and cooling.
  • Newly built homes use 3,449 fewer kilowatt hours, on average, each year.
  • Owners of older homes have spent nearly $1.4 million more, nationwide, than owners of newly built homes on repairs and maintenance in a year’s time.
  • Each day, about 1,000 owners of existing homes spend about $2,000 to replace a hot water heater. That might not seem like a big deal, but it’s an example of how smaller items that need to be replaced or repaired in an existing home can cost you unexpected time and money.

With careful planning and a highly qualified builder, you might be surprised to learn that building a unique custom home is not only affordable, but can cost about the same as purchasing an existing home. Want to learn more about the many benefits of building new? We are always happy to share what we know about the latest energy efficient building materials and techniques. Contact us, and let’s meet to talk!

Live and Golf in Westmoreland County

Westmoreland custom homesOutdoor Perks of Living in Our New Home Communities

If you are an avid golfer, you already know that Westmoreland County is the birthplace of golfing legend Arnold Palmer, who grew up in Latrobe. We can’t promise that being a Westmoreland County resident will improve your golf game, but the number of private country clubs and public golf courses in and around Murrysville, Penn Township, and Unity Township means that choosing to live in this region will afford you lots of opportunities to improve your game.

Here is a short list of public golf courses close to some of our most desirable new home neighborhoods. You can live in a custom home built with the exact features and materials you want, and make it to your early morning tee time in just minutes.

Cloverleaf Drive Golf Club, 351 Cloverleaf Drive, Delmont, 724-468-4173. A course of 27 holes designed in 1956 by Wynn Tredway.

Glengarry Golf Links, 168 Lentz Road, Latrobe, 724-423-4653. A Scottish-Links style 18-hole course with 6 lakes.

Meadowlink Golf Course, 4076 Bulltown Road, Murrysville 724-327-8243. A full-service course with an 18-hole layout and five water hazards.

Ridgeview Golf Course, 1076 Gravel Hill Rd., Ligonier, 724-238-7655. A challenging 9-hole course with beautiful views.

Rolling Fields Golf Club, 4138 Hankey Church Rd, Murrysville, 724-335-7522. Offer an 18-hole course and a simulator for virtual play on more than 90 different courses.

Interested in learning more about our custom home communities, or in building on your own lot? Contact us today!

5 Elements of Home Design

Westmoreland custom homesMaybe you know that you want to build a new custom home, but have no idea where to start. You don’t have to be a trained architect or interior designer to understand some basic design principals that will help you make layout and materials decisions for your home project. Hiring a great builder, of course, will make a huge difference in how you approach and understand your design decisions. We always work very closely with our clients, communicate their options every step of the way, and make sure their design decisions are the best ones for their lifestyle and budget. Continue reading

Your Moving Day Checklist

Westmoreland custom homesYou’re almost there — ready to start living in your completed custom home. Before you can start decorating and setting up that gourmet kitchen, you have to get through moving day. Everything will go a little easier with a list (or lists). Here are a few tips that can save you some aggravation as well as repeated trips to the store in the middle of moving. Continue reading

Tips for Childproofing Your Home

Westmoreland custom homesWhen you designed your custom home, having a family might have been in the back of your mind as you chose your layout and the number of bedrooms. Once you actually bring baby home, you start looking at your home’s interior from a whole different angle. There is no substitute for constant supervision when it comes to babies and toddlers. But here are a few tips for keeping young children safe at home. Continue reading

Choosing Paint Colors for an Open Concept Layout

Westmoreland custom home builderDespite all of the interior design “rules” floating around, you could argue that the one golden rule of choosing paint colors for the interior of your new custom home is to pick colors that you love. If being surrounded by amethyst or a zesty shade of tangerine makes your heart swoon each day, then go for it! You just might be sharing your home with other people, however, who don’t feel the same way about orange walls. And if your new home has an open concept floor plan, there are a few tips for picking paint colors that should make everyone at home. Continue reading